Unik is an integrated marketing AI startup in Silicon Valley. Our platform autopilots and streamlines your business marketing operations and revenue system based on fundamental business data and dynamic operational solutions.

Our mission is to help your business build and run a fully functional marketing operation in a radically simplest way. Unik stands with perfectionism and strives for exceptional higher revenue and a higher reputation with the power of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and deep learning to deliver outstanding growth for your business.
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Elevating with AI: For the Pursuit of Perfection
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We collect and organize all aspects of your business data, all the technology you use, your sales process, your entire customer experience for future potential growth, and budget analysis.


We build an action plan based on our analytics, focusing on increasing your revenue by each operational factors, maximizing short- and long-term sales potential.


We optimize your business profile, website, your local search engine profiles, your sales channels, and all technical and content enablements related to your revenue performance.


Your freshest profile sync with more than 100+ sites, Search Engines and social networks, and you will perceive the full insight of analysis of your competitor's data and made a dynamic decision.


We deliver the highest returns on investment of CPC conversion on Yelp and other marketing advertisement campaigns. Let you exploit every possibility of your potential customers.


You always be interconnected with your audience on social media. Your business lines keep connected and work for you 24/7. You will never miss the opportunity to serve your customers.


Your all customer data will be organized and enable you to appreciate their value for your favor. You always generate awareness and positive responses to all of your customers and engagements.


We will recognize your customer's value and keep them retained because we always care about their expectations and help you make perfect for your business dignity and long term success.


We are the insection of your customers, marketing and selling process, operate a complete revenue system on behalf of your business success, reach beyond your revenue goal.

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